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Air condition units come in different types.

There is a window type which is the most regular type for residential use,convenient for small rooms and is usually installed through a window or a depressed area of a wall. It is best for a single room space for it cannot handle big spaces yet it comes in an inexpensive price. This type of air condition unit encloses inside its box all the components such as the compressor, condenser, expansion valve or coil, evaporator and cooling coil. It is then fitted in a slot or hole made in the wall of the room, or more commonly a window sill.

The other one is a split system type is a bit more pressed on than a window type which comes in either as a package. This type of unit has aesthetic appeal and do not take up as much space as a window unit. Split system units may be wall mounted, floor mounted or ceiling suspended. It also has a variant type which is the multi split system which can cool the entire house instead of just one room, and it also comes in a sleek and compact design yet is of course more pricey and entails professional installation.

There is also the central deducted type is the type that is best for indoor unit and is meant for centralized system. It can cool the entire house and is way more proficient and less noisy. However, it is the most expensive of all types and is difficult to install in a house or any establishment. This type of air con unit is best for big houses.

Portable Air Con is the type that can be moved around the house. It comes in a cheaper price, bites on less energy, is simple to install yet less powerful and cannot be used as stand-in for typical types. For living rooms and kitchens, portable units will do just the right job of providing comfortable air.

Aircon servicing is essential in keeping your aircon units in healthy and good condition to give you the utmost comfort you deserve.

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