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Mitsubishi Aircon Singapore

Mitsubishi Aircon Singapore

Mitsubishi Aircon is the manufacturer of the world’s first wall-mounted split air conditioner. All Mitsubishi aircon have attained excellent energy efficiency rating under the Singapore mandatory energy labeling scheme.

All About Mitsubishi Aircon Singapore

Contractors claimed that the obsolescence of parts and aging systems allowed no other option. Room temperatures ranged from 64 to 78 degrees.

Mitsubishi Aircon has unique cleaning system named as “Easy Clean”. By Cleaning your Mitsubishi aircon can keep your home healthier and more comfortable. Always Cleaning Mitsubishi Aircon can eliminate odors, prevents mold, have longer lasting high performance and economical energy cost.

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As everyone knows, nothing compares to the comfort that nature has to provide. However, thanks to its many technical refinements, Mitsubishi aircon Singapore bring you closer to this ideal. Improved EER (energy efficiency ration) levels significantly reduce energy consumption while extremely quiet operation and the use of the eco-friendly R410A refrigerant allow our series to create a natural environment in every room of the house.

Mitsubishi Aircon exclusive cleaning-free, Pipe-reuse technology allows you to reuse existing R22 refrigeration piping even when installing a new R410A model. Mitsubishi aircon cleaning-free technology is the first in the industry to use hard alkyl benzene (HAB) oil – a unique refrigerant oil that degrades very slowly for refrigeration. Employing Mitsubishi aircon exclusive cleaning-free technologies such as a specially developed high-efficiency oil separator and optimum distribution of heat exchangers to prevent oil stagnation,Mitsubishi aircon have made it possible to reuse previously installed R22 pipeworks.

Mitsubishi Aircon is the quietest Air Conditioner in the market. Mitsubishi Aircon Noise level during silent mode operation is only 19db for the MXYGE10VA, making Mitsubishi aircon the quietest indoor unit in the market. Inside Mitsubishi airon, the multi-angled heat exchanger has a modified fin shape that reduces air resistance for a smoother, quieter airflow. The wide fan diameter produces greater airflow at lower fan speeds and the uneven pitch between each fan blade helps to eliminate annoying noise. What’s more, the remote-controlled vane significantly decreases downward air resistance for much lower noise level.