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LG Aircon Singapore

LG Aircon Singapore

New LG Aircon Excellent Enegy Savings up to 60%. Introducing LG aircon innovative & state of the art inverter technology where compressor speed varies in response to the cooling load. LG Aircon through continous and precise simultaneous process,temperature fluctuation is minimized and maximum energy efficient performance is assured.

LG Aircon 4D Protection System

1) LG Aircon Virus Safe Filter

Virus is destroyed by agent composed of kimchi extract in the LG aircon virus safe filter.

2) LG Aircon Deodorizing Triple Filter

LG Aircon specially-designed Triple Filter neutralizes foul odours and hazardous VOC’s (Volatile Organic Chemical) creating a more comfortable environment.

3) LG Aircon Allergy FIlter

Presence of various types of allergens in the air are completely broken down and de-activated by organic and inorganic in allergy filter.

4) LG Aircon Auto Clean System

LG Aircon Eliminating unpleasant rag smell with auto clean which dries the evaporator,greatly reducing germination of bacteria and mould.

5) LG Aircon Ionizing

LG Aircon discharging plus and negative ions which decompose hazardous substances floating in the air such as molds,germs and allergen,providing fresh and sterilized air to every corner of the house.

6) LG Aircon Premium Smart Service

LG Aircon Immediate Service Response

Just a tap away from the ARTCOOL Premium smart service apps