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Midea Aircon Singapore

Midea Aircon Singapore

Midea aircon group,from its establishment in 1968, midea has develop into the world’s largest producer of consumer appliances.After 40 years of relentless growth with business ventures covering HVAC,appliances,lighting,industrial components,logistics and real estate, Midea achieved global sales revenue of over $22 billion USD in 2011. Midea is proud to partner toshiba in opening the midea-toshiba carrier inverter joint research and development centre to share of the art technology that will be used in a range of application worldwide,becoming the first chinese company to gain access to inverter technologies and develop its own inverter control modules and chips. As a responsible corporate citizen,Midea consistently seeks for excellence and provides affordable high-quality products and services to consumers worldwide while creating over 180,000 jobs globally. In addition,it engages in environmental conservation and gives back to local societies.

Midea Aircon plasma electron effectively improves your healthy by removing airborne germs,bacteria,dust,pollen,smoke and viruses from indoor air. Developed for allergy sufferers,babies and young children,elderly,smokers and those who desires cleaner and healthier air.

Midea Aircon Singapore Midea Aircon self cleaning anti-mold function features an advanced hydrophillic fin evaporator.When the unit cools,water from condensation washes away dust an grease on the evaporator. When you turn off the midea aircon unit,the louver will remain open with fan mode to dry out the coil and pipes up to 15 minutes to prevent mold formation for better unit life span.

  • Midea Aircon vitamin c filters fills the air with vitamin c for a healthy and comfortable environment.
  • Midea Aircon activated carbon air filters remove dust,pollen,foreign particles,organic compounds and offensive odours.
  • Midea Aircon Wifi Control welcome yourself to a comfortable cold home with a touch on your mobile phone on the way home.
  • Midea Aircon High Density Filter offers improved filtration by eliminating the smallest size dust particles & cleansing polluted air.
  • Midea Aircon 3D air flow ensures an even distribution of air throughout the room.
  • Midea Aircon Follow Me Function in the remote controller is activated to replace the blower regulating the room temperature thus ensuring your comfort.