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Europace Aircon Singapore

Europace Aircon Singapore

Europace Aircon DC Inverter Technology

Europace Aircon Unique Saving Mode

1) Up to 53% Energy savings

-comparison of inverter and non-inverter.Based on total power consumption of 1 year at 8 hours/day

2) Europace Aircon Quick & Precise Temperature Control

Europace Aircon is able to work at ultra low frequency (1Hz). When preset temperature is reached,the unit starts to work at low frequency steadily with less fluctuation compared to non-DC inverter and conventional inverter.Since the compressor does not need to stop and re-start as the temperature changes,it saves more energy and bring less damage to the compressor.

3) Europace High-Speed DSP Chip

Europace Aircon US designed DC inverter-driven processor chip enables a more accurate control of compressor for a stable and highly efficient performance,thus saving energy. It provides a more comfortable environment with low running cost all year round. The Europace Aircon Inverter control presents an ideal situation as it reduces compressor rotation speed when Europace air-conditioning load is low. Frequency is lowered when less power is required to substantially reduce electricity comsumption.

4) Europace Aircon Optimum Performance with Adjustable Cooling Capacity

The wider output power range of the Europace DC inverter air conditioner enable it to adjust its cooling power to meet different room occupancy levels. By adjusting the compressor’s rotation performance to provide optimum speed at all times,europace aircon is able to cool more quickly and boosts the following advantages:

  • Maintains the set temperature at cost efficient way.
  • Prevents sudden drop of voltage and disturbance whereas the conventional non-inverter usually works on “on/off” restart mode.
  • Europace aircon dc inverter performance is safer and more stable.

5) Europace Aircon Twin Rotary Compressor

*Japanese Technology

The Stable frequency control technology in Europace DC Inverter air conditioner ensures the compressor runs more stably and dependably under low frequency and optimizes compressor efficiency. There is vibration when compressor runs under low frequency and this problem is always the emphasis of the inverter air conditioner producer. Europace DC Inverter air conditioner ensures stable running of the system and saves more energy.

6) Europace Aircon 3 Types of Healthy Filters

7) Europace Aircon 4-Directional Auto Swing

Europace Aircon front louver auto swing vertically and horizontally directing cool air to every corner of the room.

8) Europace Aircon Wide Angle Louver

Europace Aircon louver is able to swing to a wide angle of 120 thus ensure cool air flow to a wider area