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Aircon Servicing Singapore

Aircon servicing has become an essential aspect to everywhere. This includes homes, offices, shops or even schools. To ensure that your aircon functions at its best all year round so you can reap its benefits, aircon servicing has to be done consistently and by the right professionals.

Summary of Benefits of Aircon Servicing 清洗冷气的好处

⇒ Cleaner and fresher air to breath in 清新空气

⇒ Save on energy costs 节省电费

⇒ Prolong the lifespan of the equipment 延长设备的寿命

⇒ Prevent water dripping and condensation problems 预防滴水问题

⇒ Detection of any abnormal function 测验异常问题

⇒ Quieter operation and increase cooling capacity 更安静的操作,提高冷量

⇒ Remove odor and bacteria 消除异味和细菌

Aircon servicing

Read More about Why You Should Get Aircon Servicing in Singapore

1. Increase Aircon’s Lifespan

Having your aircon go through quality aircon servicing helps to increase its lifespan. When it is well-maintained on a consistent basis, it represents that any defects existing in your aircon are timely attended to. This ensures that your aircon encounters lesser breakdowns and continues to function normally for a longer period of time. Ultimately, it reduces the trips that you need to make in order to buy another air con for your own uses.

2. Cleaner Air

Regular aircon servicing in Singapore is very important because our humid weather leads to longer running hours of our aircons, which increases the chances of germs and bacteria being infested in them. While it is nice to escape from the warm environment and be surrounded with cool air, you want to ensure that it is clean and healthy air that you are breathing in. Engaging the right company for your aircon servicing needs will bring you quality air that leads to long-term health benefits.

3. Stop Water Leakage

When your aircon does not go through aircon servicing, it starts to get clogged with dust and dirt. This causes the aircon to malfunction and result in several problems like water leakage which can be hazardous. Aircons that go through frequent aircon servicing can prevent dust and dirt from accumulating, thus preventing water leakage.

4. Reduce expenses

The greatest benefit of engaging aircon servicing in singapore is that you can actually save money. When an aircon is well-serviced, lesser breakdowns will occur which leads to money saved on the frequent repairs needed. Additionally, a well-maintained aircon is able to work efficiently with less energy, thus resulting in lower utility bills for you.

Aircon servicing Singapore

What we do? 我们提供的服务

General Servicing 普通清洗 

  1. Inspecting & cleaning of air filter, front panel and cover 检查和清洗空气过濾器,前板和盖子
  2. Inspecting & cleaning of the cooling coil and fan blower 检查和清洗冷却盘管和鼓风机
  3. Clearing & cleaning of blockages in the water tray and drainage pipe 检查和清洗水盘和排水管的堵塞物
  4. Check condenser coil condition 检查冷凝器盘管的状况
  5. Test run the air con unit after each servicing测试运行空调主机

Chemical Servicing 化学清洗

  1. Inspecting & cleaning of air filter, front panel and cover 检查和清洗过濾器,前面板和盖子
  2. Chemical will be sprayed on the air con coil fins and blower wheel
  3. Use High-Pressure washer to clean of the cooling coil
  4. Clearing & cleaning of blockages in the water tray and drainage pipe 检查和清洗水盘和排水管的堵塞物
  5. Check condenser coil condition 检查冷凝器盘管的状况
  6. Test run the air con unit after each servicing测试运行空调主机

Chemical Overhaul 化学检修

  1. Dismantle whole unit and bringing the parts to the toilet for chemical wash 拆卸整个单元并将零件带到厕所去进行化学清洗
  2. Cleaning of the air filter and cover 清洗过滤器和盖子
  3. Cleaning of blockages in the water tray, fan blower and drainage pipe 清洗水盘, 鼓风机和排水管的堵塞物
  4. Use chemical to clean the aircon coil fins 使用化学物质来清洗盘管鳍片
  5. All aircon parts such as cover, filters, drainage tray , blower wheel and air con fins to be clean and dry    所有的空调部件如盖子,过滤器,排水盘,鼓风机叶轮和空调鳍等等都要清洁干净和干
  6. Install back the fan coil unit 安装回去风机盘管单元
  7. Check condenser coil condition 检查冷凝器盘管的状况
  8. Check gas pressure & top up gas 检查气体压力
  9. Test run the air con unit after each servicing 在每次维修后测试运行空调主机

WHY US? 为什么是我们?

  1. Skilled technician (Specialized in repair, service, and installation) 熟练的技术人员 (专门修理,维修,安装)
  2. Servicing Warranty* (Chemical Servicing/ Chemical Overhaul only) 维修保证期 *(化学以及检修而已)
  3. Fast and prompt response迅速回应
  4. Reasonable and affordable price合理和实惠的价格
  5. Professional supervisor专业主管
  6. 100% Satisfaction 满意度100%

Being one of the leading and most reliable experts in providing air conditioner services, Cool World Aircon has over 10 years of experience in aircon servicing. Regardless of residential or commercial property, we are dedicated in bringing quality clean air to our customers. Our technicians have the expertise to ensure that your aircon is functioning almost as good as new. To find out more about our services, contact us today and leave your quality air needs to us!