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York Aircon Singapore

York Aircon Singapore

York Aircon Negative Ionizer

York Aircon built-in ionizer gives you and your loved ones clean ad fresh air all the time. Negative oxygen ions helps in the stimulation of our blood circulation system improving lung function and effectively prevent respiratory passage illness such as asthma and pneumonia.

York Aircon Formaldehyde Filter

York Aircon effectively filters out formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as odors from new paint,new furniture and harmful gases. York Aircon brings you healthier air and creates a safer environment for you family.

York Aircon Self-Cleaning Anti-Mold & bacteria

When the york aircon unit is switch off,the drying operation will be automatically activated to dry out the coils and internal surfaces. This drying out process helps prevent the growth of molds and minimize the possibility of bacterial cultivation within the indoor unit. An important feature to keep your family healthy.

York Aircon Follow Me Function

” Follow Me” is a unique built-in feature in the york aircon remote controller. When activated,the york aircon indoor unit will sense the setting temperature according to where the remote controller is placed,resulting in a more precise and comfortable cooling.

York Aircon Sleep Mode

The york aircon sleep mode feature increase the room temperature setting automatically by 1 degree Celsius after the first and second hour,thereafter holding a steady set temperature for another five hours before switching off,providing you with a comfortable night sleep and ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

York Aircon Turbo Mode

With the york aircon turbo feature,you can achieve the set room temperature in the shortest possible time. At the onset,the turbo feature runs the fan speed to high and adjust coolness to attain comfort for you and your loved ones.

York Aircon Twin Rotary DC Inverter 180 Sine Wave

You will greatly benefit from the excellent energy savings rating,ensuring optimal temperature at economical running cost. The 180 Sine Wave DC Inverter offers you considerable advantages:

  1. Caters to a wider range of frequency and voltage parameters
  2. Performs efficiency so that you will gain better energy savings
  3. Runs smoothly with minimum vibration to achieve very low noise.
  4. Operates reliably even with prolonged use.

York Aircon Environmental Friendly

what is even better,the york aircon compressor use R410a refrigerant, which is zero ozone depletion potential, non-flammable and non-toxic, helping you do your part in protecting our earth.