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Fujitsu Aircon

Fujitsu Aircon

Fujitsu Aircon creates high-quality and environmentally-friendly products that provide good comfort in accordance with our basic policy to ” create a comfortable environment ” by utilizing the air conditioning technology and creativity which we have developed for more than 35 years. Fujitsu aircon bring quality air to people and provide true comfort, energy saving, and clean environment through our core technology.

Fujitsu AirconFujitsu Aircon large open panel air intake during operation maximizes air volume exchange between the room and the indoor unit to achieve ultra fast cooling. Together with a high efficiency fujitsu aircon dc cross blower design,it ensures maximum airflow rate,without compromising on energy efficiency. Fujitsu aircon negative air ions deodories by powerfully decomposing absorded odours using the oxidising and reducing effects of ions generated by the ultra-fine particle ceramic. Fujitsu aircon heat exchange performance is substantially improved by thin and high density heat exchanger and multi path efficiency technology.

Fujitsu Aircon specially designed safety blower fan guard to prevent foreign objects from entering the cross blower fan without compromising on the airflow of the air conditioner. Fujitsu aircon super quiet operation 21db can be achieved by selecting quiet mode from the remote control. An air-con’s job is not just to cool,it is to effectively regulate the temperature to ensure your comfort. That why the Fujitsu aircon through its smart technology and purpose-designed features keeps the room temperature comfortable without hassling you. Fujitsu Aircon powerful operation mode is boosted with maximum full power and strong airflow. Fujitsu Aircon rapid cooling and heating makes the room comfortable quickly when people come back time.