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Our aircons are extremely useful devices in this tropical climate that we live in, with the cool, frosty air of our airconditioned homes a welcome respite from the sweltering weather outside. However, just like all electronic devices, there is always a shelf life, and an air conditioner is no exception.

In fact, if you are not in the habit of letting you air conditioner be serviced every once in a while, there are many lesser known repercussions that arise from an air conditioner that has not been serviced. From dirt clogging up the system and spewing out into the room, to the usual wear and tear of the components in the air conditioner, it is always a good idea to service your air conditioner.

Which comes to the next question: how do you actually service the unit? As per every problem, there is always a solution, and in this particular case, there are multiple solutions to this conundrum. Firstly, there is the cheapest way to service the air conditioner, which is the DIY method. If you have the technical know-how, you could pretty much service the air conditioner yourself. But if you did know how to do that, you wouldn’t be here reading this now would you.

Which is where the second option comes in. To look for a qualified professional to service your air conditioner for you. While there is a plethora of different options out in the market today, not all of them are going to be the best pick for servicing your air conditioner. In this article, we will be looking at some factors that you can consider when you are choosing your aircon service in Singapore.


As with every service under the sun, it is always important to check and see if the service you are going for is even competent at what you require them to do. One good way to check and see if the aircon service company will be good at what they do will be to check their certifications. Is the aircon service certified to provide the aircon servicing?

It would be a huge problem if you hired a company who is not certified (even if they are dirt cheap) and run the risk of having to replace your whole air conditioner unit in the process. Always remember to check the certifications of the aircon servicing company you are considering.


As with choosing any company, you should also take a look at the different services that the company provides as well. As every company is different in the way they are run, there will naturally be different services provided as well. When doing your research on the various aircon servicing companies out there, take a look at their services provided as well, and choose a company that has services that will be able to cater to your needs.


With the title of this article pertaining to the cheapest aircon service in Singapore, price is another important factor to look at when choosing the right aircon servicing company. When doing your research, it is imperative that you take a gander at the different rates the companies are charging. Find out the average market price. Find companies that offer lower and more competitive rates. Sometimes, price does not equal to quality, and there is no point in going for the more expensive option while receiving the same quality of service. Similarly, try to avoid going for the suspiciously cheap option, and do an extensive background check on the company before hiring them, if you do not want to replace your whole air conditioning unit.


As with the certification of the company, you should also check the certifications of the technicians the company sends out. Make sure that the technicians are competent and certified in what they are doing before you allow them to touch your air conditioning unit. You wouldn’t want a situation where the technician is not good at his job and inadvertently wrecks your air conditioning unit. Think about the replacement costs!


Lastly, a very good factor you should consider looking at before you choose your aircon servicing company is to look at their reputation. Are there any reviews previous customers have left for the company? The internet is your best friend here- you can easily google the company, and see if there are any complaints made against said company. Forums are a good source of information as well, with complaints against some companies being brought up in these websites.

Conversely, you can also look for people who have given these companies high praise because they have received good service from them. While these are more difficult to find as opposed to the complaints (ignore the company’s testimonies page, those are highly biased), if you do indeed manage to find such compliments, then you can really consider choosing that particular aircon servicing company.

Who should you choose?

With all these different factors to consider, sometimes starting the search can be a little tough. Which is why in this article, we would also like to make a recommendation of our own. Introducing Cool World Aircon, a highly successful aircon company that has been in the business for over 10 years, in which they have built up a wealth of experience and excellent customer service.

Cool World Aircon mainly provides 2 services, namely aircon servicing and aircon installation. Not just only providing impeccable service, Cool World Aircon also offers some of the most competitive prices in the market today, and you would be hard pressed to find a better company to take on your aircon needs today. For more information on Cool World Aircon, visit their website at https://www.coolworldaircon.com.sg/ today!

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