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Air Conditioning Unit has become a major part of daily living for most people, as it do not only aid in giving comfort but also seeks to maintain a healthy environment for the people staying in a place it is installed.

It serves a lot of purpose and provides several benefits for physical health and of course mental well-being, for if people are physically relaxed and comfortable, they can be able to think better.

Basically, air condition maintains suitable humidity in all parts of a building or a room, or a space where it is procured. This is essential in maintaining a healthy flow of air inside an enclosed space, as it frees the air from disproportionate humidity during certain seasons. More so, air condition supplies a stable and sufficient supply of ventilation, thus proficiently eradicating unsafe elements in the air and filtering out micro-organisms, grime, filth and other foreign bodies. Also, air condition helps in modifying the needed temperature inside a room during certain seasons and it can be easily adjusted for the comfort of the people. Air condition does not just give off coolness but it also help in heating up rooms in winter by maintaining a certain temperature that the bodies can acquire and can stand.

Air conditioning unit is a very important technological innovation in not just giving comfort but maintaining healthy life by providing livable and breathable air. It does its job by moving heat from inside the room to the outside, through simple process of blowing cool air inside the home and by pulling the heat out of that air at the same time.

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