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Sharp Aircon Singapore

Sharp Aircon Singapore

Sharp Aircon knows what you love. That’s why we offer the ideal cooling comfort – air-conditioners that are equipped with a multitude of features to suit different needs. Choose from a range of functions from instant quick cooling to the comfort of gentle cool air. Sharp Aircon Plasmacluster Ion Technology further enhances the quality of air by deactivating suspended viruses and allergens.

Sharp Aircon Features & Benefit:

→ Sharp Aircon Plasmacluster Ion Technology

  • Plasmacluster Ion generator inside the indoor unit releases positive and negative
  • Plasmacluster Ions into the room to reduce airborne mold and viruses.

→ Sharp Aircon Condenser All-Aluminium Heat Exchanger

  • First in the industry
  • All-aluminium condensers are more corrosion-resistant than copper-aluminium condenser
  • Provides longer operational life and prevention of refrigerant leakage

→ Sharp Aircon Power Jet Mode

  • In this operation, the air conditioner delivers incredibly strong and cool air to cool the room instantly

→ Sharp Aircon Self-Cleaning Function

  • Provides the effect of reducing the growth of mold fungus under dry operation.

Sharp Aircon Anti-mold, detachable and washable air filter