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Fast facts about air conditioners

No one has probably read a whole book about air con unless you are a long time technician or an air conditioner enthusiast.

It is actually not fun to stay at home knowing about an air condition but it is rather more fun to stay in place cooled by air conditioner while the sun is kissing everything outside.

While it is true that knowing and being a aircon geek is a weird thing to be proud of, it is quite interesting to know a few bits of information on it. Not everything about aircon facts is boring there are some that are quite fun to know and cool to remember. Let’s check some:

  1. The first one to try an A/C to cool a room in 1892 is a Californian millionaire where his room was only 6 by 9 feet. Imagine how cool it would be and how it would seem to look like a huge refrigerator for humans.
  1. Ventilation systems was also used for rooms where people dissect cadavers. Well, ghost chills will definitely not manifest since the room is being cooled off.
  1. Back then, theaters used the air conditioners as one of their ways to attract viewers especially in summer. It is even the first public place to use air con. Looks like someone has got something whenever he walks in to a movie theater, eh?
  1. Air conditioners have been significantly useful in the field of science and medicine.
  1. Air conditioners have also made humans less tolerant over natural heat or heat for that matter.

You probably have a handful of fun facts about aircon but do not forget to have aircon repair and get some aircon service as it will help you maintain it and enjoy the cool breeze indoors. Remember that aircon repair and other aircon services are more important than knowing some cool facts about it.

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